Review your Electric Bill & Find Out If Solar Would Lower Your Bill Now!
Review your Electric Bill & Find Out If Solar Would Lower Your Bill Now!
Let us Put panels on your roof and lower your Electric bills today!
Going Solar has never been this easy.

In the past, massive installation costs and high payments made Solar Panels unrealistic for the average household.  

Now utility companies are offering to share their grid as a battery and allow homes to get solar at No Cost to benefit both parties. 

The homeowner gets a solar system and the utility is able store more electricity for less money.  As a result your electric rates will be the lowest they've ever been.  Click on the orange button to find out if your roof would qualify for this program.
How Grid Solar Works
Homes can now get solar panels on their roof for No Cost in exchange by hooking up their panels to their current electric grid.

What this means: 
If your roof receives 4 hours of sun light you can get solar panels at no cost with this program.

In exchange:
Your home gets super cheap electric rates each month for creating cheaper power..

Why would my Utility be ok with this?
Every time a Utility builds new power lines and power plants, along with transporting the power to each home. It costs them millions of dollars.

Win Win for everyone:
Using your roof to create electricity from the sun cuts out major costs for the utility. In exchange for using your roof and your property you will be compensated with a lower electric rate. 

Click on the link below to use our electricity review calculator so we can determine if your roof would qualify.
Pre/Post Grid Solar Electric Bill
Solar 101
The Sun is one of the most effective ways to generate power.  It comes up every day!! It is cleaner and cheaper than alternative fuel sources which makes it a great choice for anybody.  A solar expert will calculate how much power each home uses and how many panels they will need to fill their electric needs.

When Solar Panels go on a roof, they capture the energy from the Sun and Solar Inverters convert it into the electricity that we can use everyday.  The Solar Inverters push the power into the local power grid for storage.  Because Solar only produces while the sun is up, the grid acts like a big battery.  So, when the sun goes down, the home can use the electricity that their system created while the sun was up.  

Since a Solar System generates electricity, that means no electric payments ever again! Instead, homeowners pay a low, locked in solar payment until the system is paid off.  After that, the homeowner owns the system completely and has no payments at all. 

Fun Fact: In the United States, the average Solar System will give a homeowner a return on investment in just 6.9 years. That means, if you went Solar 6.9 years ago, you wouldn't have an electric bill today. 
Find out solar panels can reduce your electric bills
How Do Solar Programs Work?
Solar panels are much more affordable today than they were 10 years ago, which gives millions of homeowners the opportunity to go solar without expensive payments. With the help of government rebates, installation is No Cost.  Homeowners can replace their current electric bills with a cheaper, locked in Solar payment with no money out of pocket.  In many cases, customers are saving 35%-50% on their electric bills each year. Homeowners all over the country are taking advantage of this program before the rebates are canceled.
Quick Summary

- Solar has no up front costs
- You have a choice to pay an electric bill forever, or a Solar payment for just a few years
- Solar Payments are less than utility electric bills
- Solar payments never increase
- Solar increases home value
- Clean Energy is just better 
How Do I Find Out
If My Home Is Eligible?
Click on your state below to check for solar incentives in your area. 
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